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Witty Minstrel
My real names are Lukong Dieudonne Yufenyuy and I came up...
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Location : Cameroon, Buea
Bio : My real names are Lukong Dieudonne Yufenyuy and I came up with the name Witty Minstrel when I was in the secondary school. I normally loved music with a passion and when I started writing songs I had to create a new name and it was easy for me since I was a literature student. I came across the word witty and It suited my personality so well so I adopted it, same with minstrel. If you want to know why I call myself Witty Minstrel just check the meaning of the words on the dictionary I call my music Njang Hip Hop. I created this gern myself and it's a fusion of my traditional njang music and Hip Hop. I created this cuz I wanted to bring something new to the music world and I wanted to export my culture. You know I use to do Hip Hop music but I was not successful with it cuz I can not copy another man's culture and be better than the person so I decided to use my own culture to entertain the world with just like others have been doing
Website : Witty minstrel art
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